Welcome to Zis Piri Piri

Zis Piri Piri is a leading resource for all things food and drink: meticulously tested recipes that work. We started in 2009 and are located at the heart of Cambridge City.
We at Zis, a fast-food fusion restaurant, are eager to give you a different, edgy experience: good, original, halal and healthy food amid bursts of flavour and colour. The Zis menu is vibrantly flavoured but nutritious: you pick what you want and we put it together for you.
The interplay of textures and colour brings life and a vibrancy that embraces the restaurant’s place.
We're surrounded by a young & talented team, and we are extraordinarily proud of what our team produces every day. An effort to use the best products available and the enormous amount of love that goes into each dish, we believe contributes to that delicious plate of food.
Zis Piri Piri offers a large parking plaza nearby Along with on street paid parking.

Zis Piri Piri

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